CIPerspectiveCorrection filter applied to image from photo roll on iphone 6 and 6+ are flipped and scale is wrong

I’m using a CIPerspectiveCorrection filter to crop images in an ios 8 app. This has been working perfectly on my iphone 5S and even on iphone 6 and 6+ until I introduced an upload from photo roll feature. I’m passing an image object to my cropViewController thats coming from my imagePicker:DidFinishPickingImage delegate meathod.

This displays fine in my cropViewController, but somewhere in the process of plotting the crop points it seems to be flipping the input choordinates and the scale is wrong. Again, this works perfectly fine on my iphone 5S and on images captured with the camera on the iphone 6 and 6+. It’s only an issue on iphone 6 and iphone 6+ when using images coming from the photo gallery vs camera.

Has anyone seen this before? An idea what would cause this?

Source: ios

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