Chrome de-synchronisation

So recently Google Chrome has been doing some weird stuff. Sometimes, when I restart my PC and open Chrome, all the previously synchronised data is lost, just as if I had re-installed it. I tried to restart my pc to see if it always happened, but that time Chrome kept all the data; when I shut down my PC and later go back and turn it on, it always happens that all Chrome sync has disappeared.

I checked Chrome extensions for viruses, even unwanted software that I could have installed by mistake, but everything seems correct in my PC. I’m not an expert in the topic, so probably I’m missing something.

Forgot to say. When I turn my PC on, an icon of an installation appears, but minimized, unable to be maxed and doing nothing. I managed to know which program was being installed, and it seems that it’s the installator of the DS3 tool (a program that allows connecting a PlayStation 3 controller to the PC so that you can play games with it). I used this program but some days ago I deleted it, including the installator and everything, so I don’t know why it keeps appearing when running the PC. Also, when I manually restarted it (the time I told before to see if Chrome worked well), this installation icon didn’t show up either, which makes me thing there’s some kind of relation between both things.

I’m really annoyed to have to introduce my Gmail account every time I run my PC, and to have to close the installation minimized window through the Task Manager since otherwise it’s impossible. I’d appreciate any help or suggestions, since this problem has started to be pretty infuriating and distressing.


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