Change Plesk 12 admin e-mail

This may sound a really stupid question but is it possible to change admin e-mail on plesk 12 panel? If it is can someone explain to me how?

I have changed contact info in Profile&Preferences but it seems it didn’t work.

Why would i want to change it? Cause i keep getting plesk notifications on wrong e-mail. For instance i want to stop getting folowing e-mails on windows:

Running task: C:Program Files (x86)ParallelsPleskadminbinphp.exe -q -dauto_prepend_file=”” -c php.ini “C:Program Files (x86)ParallelsPleskadminplibDailyMaintainancescript.php

Or this one from linux server:

Backup task finished on host

Task was created by server blabla with guid (d1febac2-????-4190-8d96-e7f7c%&?*)

Creation date is: 2015-Jul-04 01:59:02
Task status is: warnings

Dump full name is: BLA_backup_info_1507040159.xml

Any other way to disable these notifications or must i change admin e-mail?

Source: windows

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