Challenges, pitfalls and benefits of writing an enterprise level application in HTML 5

I am finalizing technology stack of my project with real time tracking and user base in thousands.

o Project Scope

A vehicle tracking (hundreds of tracks hourly), HR (over .5m) and asset management of said users.

o Product life

6-8 years

o Backend

Java Web Services

My options are:

1. HTML 5 + AngularJS with Java Services at back

2. Any server side programming language (Java or Python or even PHP) and Java Services at back

I want to know that what challenges, pitfalls and benefits do I have when I choose HTML 5 over full fledged server side language like PHP, Rails or Python.

Should I stick with server side programming language by assuming that HTML 5 is still not ready for the enterprise?

I do not want to ignite a debate but I want to learn from hard earned experience of the community. Please guide me if I have posted this question at wrong place.

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