CDR report does not show destination number (adhearsion – asterisk)

I have been using asterisk to connect to adhearsion for my system. System originate call to a sip number by using follow script.

Adhearsion::OutboundCall.originate number,
  from:                 call_from,
  controller:            controller ,
  controller_metadata:   {id: @id, initiate_from:'outbound'}

and cdr of asterisk is used to maintain call status. The number that i haved called (destination call number) is not shown in cdr report.:

`id`, `calldate`, `clid`, `src`, `dst`, `dcontext`, `lastapp`, `lastdata`, `duration`, `billsec`, `disposition`, `channel`, `dstchannel`,`amaflags`, `accountcode`, `uniqueid`, `userfield`, `answer`, `end`
'2015-07-03 11:29:21', '9801243867', '9801243867', '1', 'adhearsion-redirect', 'Dial', 'SIP/ncell-out/playback', 5.12455, 5.89977, ' ANSWER', 'SIP/ncell-out-00000002', NULL, 'DOCUMENTATION', NULL, '1435902231.2', NULL, '0000-00-00 00:00:00', '2015-07-03 11:29:21'
'2015-07-03 11:29:26', '9801243867', '9801243867', '1', 'adhearsion-redirect', 'Dial', 'SIP/ncell-out/9771002', 0.000001, 0, 'NO ANSWER', 'SIP/ncell-out-00000003', NULL, 'DOCUMENTATION', NULL, '1435902236.3', NULL, '0000-00-00 00:00:00', '2015-07-03 11:29:26'

Adhearsion call 1@adhearsion-redirect , 1 destination number.

 Executing [1@adhearsion-redirect:1] AGI("SIP/ncell-out-00000004", "agi:async") 

how should i get destination number in cdr instead of 1 when originate call from adhearsion?

Source: ruby

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