Producing a searchable portable static HTML site from Confluence XML or HTML

I want to convert documentation from Confluence into a static HTML site. I want the html to be searchable and portable. People need to be able to use it on devices that are not connected to the internet. Ideally, the static html would be responsive as well. This is what I’ve got so far: I can export Confluence content into…
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Parse XML and change data according to a priority list

I want to read and modify XML data on the fly using a priority list with Java. As the XML data is processed, the program should match the current node with the priority list and decide based on this list what action to execute for the node. The list would look something like this: /root/child[1]/data1; action1 /root/child/data1; action2 /root/child/*; action3…
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Add script path to xslt file

I have xslt template with javascript and xml file. xslt and js files are located in folder1 and xml file in folder2. folder1 | folder2 ————+——– *.xslt,*.js |*.xml But javascript code works if it’s file is located in folder2 too, also it works when the full path to *.js is in xslt template: <script src=”C:folder1sorttable.js”></script>. It is not very comfortable,…
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XSLT Assign Function Return Value to Variable

I can generate an id with this way: <td id= “{generate-id(@value)}”> </td> However, I want to assign it to a variable and use that variable. So, tried that: <xsl:variable name=”value_holder” select=”{generate-id(@value)}” /> <td id= “{value_holder}”> </td> However XSLT doesn’t work due to this line: <xsl:variable name=”value_holder” select=”{generate-id(@value)}” /> How can store that variable and use it inside html element? …
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Oracle SUBSTR XML Parse

I have certain values in the table with different XML Structures. There is a tag <problemDesc> ‘error’ </problemDesc> which is present in all the XML Blocks. How can I extract the error from the tag by using SubStr and InStr functions? or is there any way out to get the value. Source: xml

Xml Ebay gives error when parsing results

Im developing a magento custom module including information from findingitemsadvanced call from ebay (http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/finding/howto/GettingStarted_PHP_XML_XML/GettingStarted_PHP_XML_XML.html). To put it simple, if I use Zend_Debug::dump($response) I received the XML in the following format, consequently I can infer that the call is working perfect.: [“searchResult”] => object(DTSeBaySDKFindingTypesSearchResult)#258 (2) { [“values”:”DTSeBaySDKTypesBaseType”:private] => array(2) { [“count”] => int(10) [“item”] => object(DTSeBaySDKTypesUnboundType)#268 (5) { [“data”:”DTSeBaySDKTypesUnboundType”:private] => array(10)…
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Namespaces without webservice

Well, like the title says, I try to implement namespaces into a java xml class (meaning it gets some info and turns it into an xml) and have the problem that it schould say “Artikel” and not “Artikel2”, i tried using namespaces in my package info: @XmlSchema( namespace = “”, elementFormDefault = XmlNsForm.QUALIFIED ) package camelpack2; import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlNsForm; import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlSchema;…
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Parse author tag using XmlPullParser

In one of my projects that i’m working off i’m trying to parse all feeds from an atom xml as this below. <entry> <id>tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-4512083858574973357.post-3473864646179740942</id> <published>2015-09-14T09:28:00.000+03:00</published> <updated>2015-09-14T15:30:18.832+03:00</updated> <title type=”text”>Mytitle</title> <content>Hello</content> <author> <name>Author name</name> <uri>URI HERE</uri> <email>EMAIL HERE</email> <gd:image rel=”” width=”32″ height=”32″ src=”” /> </author> I can get all tags using the following code but i have no idea how to parse…
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Java – Extract child elements

I am new in Java and need to parse the below XML file <foo> <foo1> <tag1>1</tag1> <tag2>2</tag2> </foo1> <foo2> <element1>aaa</element1> <element1>bbb</element2> </foo2> </foo> I need <foo1> <tag1>1</tag1> <tag2>2</tag2> </foo1> <foo2> <element1>aaa</element1> <element1>bbb</element2> </foo2> as output. I was able to get the values of nodes but not desired output. Please help me out.. Thanks. Source: xml

How to align parent bottom in tabs and pager activity

I’m trying to freeze my Admob banner at the bottom of my page, similar to this picture – However, my activity contains tabs and multiple pages. Whenever I try to put the adView at the bottom, I get some param errors. How can I insert the adView and align it to the bottom of the layout? I’ve tried the RelativeLayout…
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