Changing the Source of an Image in XAML through C#

So I have a Grid name Game (the main game board) what I wanna do is load every image from inside the grid when the program loads foreach(Image myImage in Game.Children) { BitmapImage bi3 = new BitmapImage(); bi3.UriSource = new Uri(“ms-appx:///Assets/SmallLogo.png”); myImage.Stretch = Stretch.Fill; myImage.Source = bi3; } I am using this foreach but I always get error messages. I…
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WebAuthenticationBroker.authenticateAndContinue after authentication app is not activated

Am trying facebook,twitter,google login using WebAuthenticationBroker.authenticateAndContinue it shows the authentication page when authentication completes the activated event is not triggered and app crashes and am not able to get the crash report.It works fine when debugging the activation event gets triggered but once the app is launched directly it gets crash. Source: windows