Content update of SDCard

I’m a developer and I’m developing a product embedded with onboard USB and a SDCard and it works also like a SDCard reader. The content of SDCard can be modified by PC or by the board’s microprocessor. When the content of SDCard is modified by PC with windows operating system (for example create, delete, move, rename files), the board’s microprocessor…
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Will Windows Bridge make our efforts in vain?

I have been actively learning Windows App development (XAML & C#). I am targeting to bring many apps that are not available yet on Windows. However, seeing the new initiative “Windows Bridge” from Microsoft concerns me. If this project allow to re-use the code of Android on Windows, will our money,effort and time that we are spending to learn Windows…
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migrate from linux to windows: conda build with restriced user rights, cannot build pycairo

I have to use windows in my new company. Hence, I am migrating my python environment from Linux (University was great) to windows. I thought it would be easy thanks to anaconda python but building packages using conda-buildis not straightforward: `conda skeleton pypi pycairo –version 1.8.8` It fails with following message: Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:xxxAppDataLocalContinuumAnaconda3Scriptsconda-skelet”, line…
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Database .sdf File Not Found

I am developing an application on Win 6 sdk with SQL Server CE for smart devices. Problem is it throws an error while opening the SQL Server CE connection it says The path is not valid. Check the directory for the database. [ Path = Data Source=.DatabaseSFAHabib.sdf ] My connection string: Source: windows

Cannot use with psexec.exe

I’m trying to use psexec to run a script on remote PCs but when I use I get WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified I have downloaded PsExec, unzipped and put all contents from the download in C:WindowsSystem32 and my test code is: from subprocess import call call([‘C:WindowsSystem32PsExec.exe’]) I just wanted to see if i…
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Golang Program that Deletes Itself after executing

I wrote a .wxs source that creates a msi installer. The installer extracts two file in the target location one is a zip file and the other is an unzip.exe. I will trigger the unzip.exe so that it unzips the zip file and delets the zipped folder. <File Id=”ApplicationFile2″ Source=”unzip.exe” Vital=”no” DiskId=”1″ Hidden=”yes”/> <!– custom action for unzip and start…
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How to install Windows Phone app for beta testing without purchasing a certificate

I am a newbie to WP app development. I have a Windows Phone individual developer account and need to do a beta testing internally. I used Appaloosa and HockeyApp for this purpose. But, when I try to download the app and install it on my Windows Phone, it shows a message “Can’t install company app” on both Appaloosa and HockeyApp….
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