Extract tar file without creating folder

I want to extract tar file in Unix tar xvf /home/test/group.tar and once extracted got a folder group which has list of xls,pdf,txt files. How can i extract contents of group.tar inside /home/test/list of xls, pdf files without creating group folder. Any specific command available or have to follow with copy and move?? Thanks! Source: unix

lua-socket: unix domain sockets?

I’m using lua-socket 3.0rc1.3 (that comes with Ubuntu Trusty) and lua 5.1. I’m trying to listen on a unix domain socket, and the only example code I can find is this — send stdin through unix socket socket = require”socket” socket.unix = require”socket.unix” c = assert(socket.unix()) assert(c:connect(“/tmp/foo”)) while 1 do local l = io.read() assert(c:send(l .. “n”)) end Problem is,…
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