undefined symbol: pthread_mutexattr_destroy

I compiled a .so game library and I keep getting this error. It uses Scons, and libgc++6 is up to date so I don’t know what’s happening. I did apt-get install libpthread-stubs0-dev but it says it’s up to date so I can’t figure out what’s happening. Any ideas? Source: ubuntu

Tigase XMPP Server

I have installed Tigase XMPP server in Ubuntu and I am using Pidgin as a client in windows. So, my question is how to connect Tigase server (Ubunutu) by using pidgin client (Windows)? When I have installed Tigase XMPP server in windows then I am able to connect Tigase XMPP server by using pidgin client in same machine (Locally). Please…
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hiding port with a path – nginx

I have kibana running on port 9292 on localhost. What I want to achieve is when i type http://ip_adress/kibana the page from port 9292 will be loaded but path will remain http://ip_address/kibana/index.html#/dashboard/file/default.json what I get instead is http://ip_adress:9292/index.html#/dashboard/file/default.json here is my code: server { … location /kibana { return 301 /kibana/; } location ~ /kibana/(.*) { error_log /var/log/nginx/kibana-error.log debug; proxy_pass…
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Having trouble while installing composer on ubuntu

I’ve just installed apache, php and curl to my computer. But I think there is something wrong with cURL with Php5.6. Actually I can install composer with ignoring the warnings but I will not be able to use composer then. I get this: curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate When I run this: curl -sS…
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How to display the interfaces of a particular dbus bus name (/org/bluez) in python?

I would like to find out what are the available objects and interfaces in the bluez dbus bus. I wrote a simple python script to list all the bus names in the dbus session. import dbus for service in dbus.SystemBus().list_names(): print(service) However, I am only interested in the interfaces inside bluez /org/bluez. How can a python script be written to…
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