I get this error: Too many arguments. If I run my ssh-keygen command

I am programming a litte “chatroom” for linux users. The system is very easy. The user opens an ssh-connection and then starts a “” script which is just an tail -f command running and he openes in another ssh-connection a “” script which just writes in the same file. (echo “hi” >> example) The problem is that if the user…
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how to compress the output of cat command

The tittle is not good at all, but here is an example of the result of cat : /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/system01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/sysaux01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/undotbs01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/users01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/example01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/jabba/jabba01.dbf /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/control01.ctl /var/oracle/flash_recovery_area/DB11G/control02.ctl /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/redo03.log /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/redo02.log /var/oracle/oradata/DB11G/redo01.log The cat command gives the path to this files I need to compress this files into a tar.gz How can i do it? Source: shell