Javascript REGEX replacement with the content inside from an external text file

Here is my code in which the below comment pattern will replaced with new content. And it’s working fine. Inside HTML: <div id=”content”> <!– ### START CONTENT ### –> <p>Some text.</p> <!– ### END CONTENT ### –> </div> Javascript Code: var str = document.getElementById(“content”).innerHTML; var txt = str.replace(/<!– ### START CONTENT ### –>([sS]*?)<!– ### END CONTENT ### –>/g, ‘<div id=”example”>Some…
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Codemirror: Own Module Keywords

I try to write my owm module, for our own script language for codemirror.Right know I am hanging on our keywords. I have this test-code: Window(EditWin, SELECT_MULTIPLE, NO_SIZE, 310, 87, 500, 60, T(“Sitzungsdatum”, “Session date”)) { Prompt(SessionDatePmt, 11, 4, T(“Sitzungsdatum”, “Session date”)) Date(SessionDate, 175, 4, 88) Button(SystemDateAsSessionDateBtn, 290, 3, 190, 10, T(“Übernehme Systemdatum”, “Get system date”)) [ SELECT: SystemObject Call(SystemDate)…
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regex from " 1" to "15"

I’m looking for a regex that matching num in a log file from ” 1″ to “15”, not from “1” to 15″, because in my file : April _1 April _2 .. April 10 April 11 with a space (symbolize by “_”) in place of the first digit where there is no one. I tried : grep ‘Sep [1-9]|1[0-2]’, but…
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Regex for nearest sentence

Is there a RegEx to strip the first 50 words of a block of text, and if the last of those 50 words does not complete the current sentence, will then grab the remaining words up to the end of that sentence? Source: regex

Multiple matches in non-greedy xml (python regex)

I know this topic is asked a lot but I couldn’t find answer to my question: In the attached image there are many different buffers, and I wish to match only the buffers that have “Lut” in their names (notice there are 2 matches in the string in the image). The problem I have is that the matches contain also…
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Decoding JSON in UTF-8 using python

How do I deal with u2019 and u201c type characters when reading UTF-8 encoded JSON into python? I’ve got a lot of files of this type { “id”: 1, “title”: “Place names consultation draws to a close”, “releaseDateTime”: “2006-07-12T00:00:00+09:30”, “mainContent”: “<P><FONT face=Arial>The Government’s six-week public consultation process into the naming of localities across the … on …</FONT></P>n<P><FONT face=Arial>Planning … said…
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R regex for extraction of complex string

I have a messy set of strings as follows. string <- c(“GRP-14994/”, “GRP-7056 GRP-7036/”, “grp-24263(24263)/IRGC 28588”, “GRP-15916 /IRGC-42176”, “GRP-614-250B/”, “( GRP 11432)/IRGC-14570”, “Tourn”, “GRPP256”, “Purse”, “GRP-14956 Origin:”, “GRP 10537”, “GRP-10096 Origin: “, “SGRP123”, “GRP1234”, “AC-30009 (GRPHANA)/”, “AC-3060 GRP 536-143/Old AC”, “RGRPfaa/23”, “/-“, “MGR:7251/”, “1216-GR-567/”, “X:1 Well KGRPh”, “WabGRPvea(II)”, “HR33(BGRP)”, “Tensor”, “Wald”, “grp12312”) I am trying to extract all the instances…
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Replace internal links using regex, but not if they are dynamic, i.e. contains a php echo

I am going through a project and replacing internal links to go through a url function. I have created a bit of regex which does what I need, however I don’t want it to do anything with dynamic links, as I’m going to go through and do them manually. My regex is: (href|src)=(?:’|”)/(?!http)(.+?)(?:’|”) My replace is: $1=”<?php echo url(‘$2’); ?>”…
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