I tried to install the scrypt package and got an error [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat 24 answers I have tried pip install scrypt and tried manually like below: C:UsersAdminDownloadsscrypt-0.6.1>python install running install running build running build_py running build_ext building ‘_scrypt’ extension error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat Source: python

2-opt for TSP – Python

I have a problem with my 2-opt code to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem… I give a set of points [(x1,y1),…..,(xn,yn)]. Here is my code: def swap(i,j,S): a=min(i,j) b=max(i,j) A=S[a:b+1] A.reverse() S=S[:a]+A+S[b+1:] return(S) def opt_g_bis(S,n): S_bis=S[:] Mod=False for i in range(0,n-2): for j in range(0,n-2) : if j != i-1 and j != i+1: if norme(S_bis[i],S_bis[i+1])+norme(S_bis[j],S_bis[j+1])>norme(S_bis[i],S_bis[j])+norme(S_bis[i+1],S_bis[j+1]): S_bis=swap(i+1,j+1,S_bis) Mod=True if norme(S_bis[i],S_bis[i+1])+norme(S_bis[n-1],S[0])>norme(S_bis[i],S_bis[n-1])+norme(S_bis[i+1],S_bis[0]):…
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How to resolve the following error in Theano?

I work with Anaconda Python distribution and am currently running an Ipython notebook.After successfully installing Theano,am getting the following error: In [5]:import theano.tensor as T ————————————————————————— ImportError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-5-1c1a5188cff0> in <module>() —-> 1 import theano.tensor as T in <module>() 66 from theano.printing import pprint, pp 67 —> 68 from theano.scan_module import scan, map, reduce, foldl,…
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Python: Successive-over-relaxation (Gauss-Seidel with relaxation) code is not converging

I am trying to implement Quantitative Mobility Spectrum Analysis (QMSA) in Python 2.7 + NumPy + MatPlotLib. QMSA is a tool for analysis of magnetic field-dependent Hall-effect measurements. In a semiconductor, more than one type of carrier (electron or hole) with different concentration and mobility can be found. QMSA can seperate the number of different types of carriers, their density,…
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