import Sakila Database to PhpMyAdmin

I Want Import Sakila DB to PhpMyAdmin In Windows But I Can’t , I can import Schema to phpmyadmin in import section but i dont can import sakila data to that , when i want import data to phpmyadmin it has error with this content No data was received to import. Either no file name was submitted, or the file…
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Preventing SQL Injection in PHP without parameterized queries?

I know this topic has been covered to death but I would like some feedback from the community regarding security within our web application. We have standard LAMP stack web app which contains a large number of database queries which are executed using mysqli_query. These queries are not parameterized and at the moment but there is some naive escaping of…
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read and compare data through a while loop in php

I work with oracle database and php.I want to select all values of a field from one table.and then compare them in a while loop to find the biggest one(they are numbers).what should I do?I will show my code: $dql=”SELECT T21_5 FROM T21″; $dqlresult=oci_parse($conn,$dql); oci_execute($dqlresult); $rew=oci_fetch_assoc($dqlresult); $max=0; while($rew){ if($max>$rew[‘T21_5’]){ $max=$max; }else{ $max=$rew[‘T21_5’]; } } Source: php

How to read this object in php to retrieve email

This just one loop but I want retrieve all the emails. GuzzleServiceResourceModel Object ( [structure:protected] => [data:protected] => Array ( [type] => user.list [pages] => Array ( [type] => pages [next] => [page] => 1 [per_page] => 50 [total_pages] => 234 ) [users] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [type] => user [id] => 560b99861cf5c8112a00012e [user_id] => [anonymous]…
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Converting a string to UNIX standard

Problem I have a bunch of strings that I’d like to convert to a lower-case-and-dashes-only format. Example “Some Example” => “some-example” “Some example with sp3c!als and number5” => “some-example-with-sp3c-als-and-number5” Question Is there some sort of library that does this for you, in PHP? Obviously, my mind went to regex first, but that seems like shooting a fly with a bazooka….
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Advanced Search Form Results URL Friendly

i have a search form where there is one input box and 2 select box´s, i need my search form result to be url friendly, and its working fine, almost fine, the only problem is in the search form when i search by a category, is search by the id of the column, so the url always ends with the…
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How to remove the extra line when using PHP SplFileObject and READ_CSV flag?

When iterating over a csv file using PHP SplFileObject and the READ_CSV flag I get an extra row with a null value. Is there a way to remove this line automatically? $file = new SplFileObject(__DIR__.’/technologies.csv’, ‘r’); $file->setFlags(SplFileObject::READ_CSV); foreach ($file as $row) { var_dump($row); } This will produce a row with a null value. … array(1) { [0] => NULL }…
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Recursive(?) algorithm design

I have a requirement to allow my end users to input formula much like a spreadsheet. I have an array like this: $table = array( 1=>array( “id”=>1, “Name”=>”Regulating”, “Quantity”=>”[2]Quantity+[3]Value”, “Value”=>”[2]Cost” ), …) The first level array key is always the same value as the id key in that array. A tabulated example follows: id Name Quantity Value 1 Regulating [2]Quantity+[3]Value…
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PHP date() returning empty string

I have the following function, which I’m sure was working when I wrote but haven’t looked at for some time. function updateDate_last_notification($id) { echo “taskID = $id”; global $DB_HOST; global $DB_NAME; global $DB_USER; global $DB_PASS; $conn = new mysqli($DB_HOST, $DB_USER, $DB_PASS, $DB_NAME); if ($conn->connect_error) { die(“Connection failed: “.$conn->connect_errno); } $date = date(“Y-m-d”); $sql = “UPDATE tasks SET last_notification = ‘$date’…
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