Use of undefined constant STDIN – assumed ‘STDIN’

<?php echo “Hello there. So I hear you’re learning to be a PHP programmer!n”; echo “Why don’t you type in your name for me:n”; $name = trim(fgets(STDIN)); echo “nThanks, ” . $name . “, it’s really nice to meet you.nn”; ?> a am using php version 5.5.19 xampp Source: php

How to get the Facebook followers or subscribers count for Graph API version v2.3

I am using Facebook Graph API version 2.0. to get the Facebook followers and subscribers count for some users. I used util April 30th 2015 to get the followers/subscribers count by using the following URL. But now I get this error { “error”: { “message”: “(#12) subscribers field is deprecated for versions v2.0 and higher”, “type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 12…
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facebook api marketing create campaign issue

I would like to create a campaign using Facebook API. I tried to run all available example without success. First of all I created an App in order to have a APP_ID and a APP_SECRET. I did all the procedure to add my Ad_account following the tutorial. I downloaded all the SDK to facilitate Facebook API use like: 1) facebook-php-ads-sdk…
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is it possible to POST/GET data to TLSv1.1+ secured site without curl and wget?

I am in this very unfortunate situation: My website is using outdated software (security patched are applied) with OpenSSL 0.9.8o 01 Jun 2010 which doesn’t support TLSv1.1/1.2 I also have payment gateway which is PCI DSS compliant therefore SSL and early TLS is disabled there My website used to exchange data with this payment gateway but as TLSv1.0 is dropped…
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Read and Save only Checked Radio Button to a "particular column in MYSQL" | PHP & Ajax

Technologies Used: Server Side: PHP DB: MYSQL Client Side: Ajax to call PHP Client Side: HTML Usable on: Phonegap I have four radio button in a Radio Group in HTML Mother Father Self Others The MySQL DB columns are like: DBMother DBFather DBSelf DBOthers If i choose Mother Radio button, the value should go and save right under the column…
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