How to use a vendor class in a test unit test ? (set the Locale via LaravelLocalization in test )

In a unit test, I need to set a locale before the test use McamaraLaravelLocalization; … class FormatHelperTest extends CodeceptionTestCaseTest { protected function _before(){ LaravelLocalization::setLocale(‘el’); However, PHP Fatal error: Class ‘McamaraLaravelLocalization’ not found in /vagrant/project1/tests/unit/FormatHelperTest.php on line 40 How could I set the Locale via LaravelLocalization in a unit test ? Source: php

how can i insert the value of radio button which have same name in php?

echo “<form action=’#’ method=’post’>”; echo “<table border=’1′ style=’width:500px;’> <br />”; $i=1; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo “<tr>”; ?> <input type=”text” value=”<?php echo $row[‘answer’];?>” name=”id” style=”display:none;”> <strong><?php echo $i;?>.<?php echo $row[‘question’];?></strong><br /> <br /><br /> A.&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=’radio’ value=’A’ name=’answer’ id=”answer<?php echo $i;?>”/> <?php echo $row[‘a’];?> <br /> B.&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=’radio’ value=’B’ name=’answer’ id=”answer<?php echo $i;?>” /> <?php echo $row[‘b’];?><br /> C.&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=’radio’…
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how to correct php redirection error in server

i have error redirection in server for php shopping cart what i have done so far is in jquery i have to send item id and unit price to shop-cart.php my code in js is var id = getUrlParameter(‘id’); var unitprice=$(“.couponPrice”).text(); window.location = ‘shop-cart.php?id=’ + id +’&unitprice=’+ unitprice; when click on add to cart button it redirect to www.domainname/shopcart.php?id=sp_gt1&unitprice=1 and…
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What is the equivalent code of move_uploaded_file() function of PHP in javascript?

Suppose that I have an input type which type is “file” <input type = “file” id = “article_image”> and a button. <button onclick = “uploadTheImage()”>Upload Image</button> when I click the button, it will go the function uploadTheImage() and move the file inside the input type with an id of article_image to a specific folder like move_uploaded_file() function in PHP did….
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Eloquent doesn’t get the "belongsTo" item

I have the Project model and the Contract model. When i execute Project:all() it gets me only the projects without the contract, same for contract. I tried to dd() inside contract and doesn’t do anything, like is never executed. I also tried with App prefix and without. use IlluminateDatabaseEloquentModel; class Project extends Model { protected $table = ‘project’; public function…
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Memcache server status check in Yii framework

Using Memcache server in Yii framework is working fine. In case, the memcache server gets down, Yii application crashes with a PHP error. I would like to catch memcache server status before it throws error so that my application runs smoothly even without caching. I tried to override CMemCache (which inherits CCache ) but that’s no use because some of…
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Form validation to see if the email already excists in the MySQL database

At the moment I have a form (PHP & jQuery) with validations. I want to add a validation to check if the email address of a new user is already in the MySQL database or not. At the moment there are 3 (IF) validations already for the name and email in jQuery: function validate() { var output = true; $(“.signup-error”).html(”);…
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Creating files in the web server

I have a table in my database which is growing daily. I want to create files from table contents and store them in the server through PHP. I know how to do this. Then, If user views my page, I will read directory contents[number of files], then create tabs for each file and href to those pages. But I want…
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View source code with login (PHP)

I am trying to view the source code of a website which needs Google login. I am logged into my Google account on Chrome, and I am running the php file on Chrome using XAMPP. My code: <?php $homepage = file_get_contents(‘’); echo $homepage; ?> However, when I echo it shows me a webpage that says I am not logged in,…
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