Returning a PLSQL Cursor

I have a table which contains schedule information. Depending on the situation I may wish to select all schedule information for a driving serial or I may want to select based on start and end dates. This is quite a generic thing to want to do. I then have a function which requires said schedule information but something inside the…
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EF6, MVC 5 and Oracle Database

First of all, I want to apologize for my mistake in English, I’m native French. I need help, because i’m block now from few day, on my web application i’m trying to start. I explain, I’m developing a new web app. This app is make like the following picture : I have 1 solution, contain 2 project, first, the _DLL…
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Looking for a datatype which can be filled with BULK COLLECT INTO and then to be selected from with SELECT

I have a great problem with an PL-SQL package I’m currently working with. All I want to do is to create a small piece of code which will do this: In the IS section of a function: l_tabellen_excl DBMS_utility.name_array; Later in the code: SELECT DISTINCT TABLE_NAME BULK COLLECT INTO l_tabellen_excl FROM ALL_TAB_COLUMNS WHERE TABLE_NAME IN (‘TAB_1’, ‘TAB_2’); To finally use…
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Difference between LockModeType Jpa

I am confused about the working of LockModeTypes in JPA: LockModeType.Optimistic it increments the version while committing. Question here is : If I have version column in my entity and if I don’t specify this lock mode then also it works similarly then what is the use of it? LockModeType.OPTIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT Here it increments the version column even though the entity…
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Order by in the nested select statement

I’m trying to use order by clause in the nested select statement but it is giving an error ora-00907 missing paranthesis Select a.column_name, (Select upper(cmnt_type) AS CMNT_TYPE from t_tbm_appl_comment_2015 where appl_mnm_id=a.appl_mnm_id AND rownum = 1 order by cmnt_type desc) from MD_OTHER_OBJECTS a Source: oracle

Cannot use if condition when i create trigger

I tried to create trigger as below, but show [Err] ORA-24344: success with compilation error. if i don’t put if condition in script then working fine. I can’t find where is wrong, anyone help me please.. CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER TRIG_DAILY_LOG_SMS AFTER INSERT ON JDB_DAILY_LOG_SMS FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF (:new.TRN_CODE=’CDS’) THEN INSERT INTO JDB_TRIGGER_DAILY_LOG_SMS (TRN_REF_NO,AC_NO,AC_CCY,DRCR_IND,TRN_CODE,FCY_AMOUNT,LCY_AMOUNT,TRN_DT,AUTH_STAT,BALANCE_UPD,AC_ENTRY_SR_NO,STATUS) VALUES (:new.TRN_REF_NO,:new.AC_NO,:new.AC_CCY,:new.DRCR_IND,:new.TRN_CODE,:new.FCY_AMOUNT,:new.LCY_AMOUNT,SYSDATE,:new.AUTH_STAT,:new.BALANCE_UPD,:new.AC_ENTRY_SR_NO,’NEW’); END IF;…
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Failed to parse plugin descriptor for Oracle maven sync plugin

I’m following instructions on this page to configure the Oracle Service Bus development Maven plug-in. I’m able to install the sync plugin but running the command to seed the Oracle Service Bus development Maven plug-in into the Maven repository fails with this error: Failed to parse plugin descriptor for 0-0 (C:pathto.m2repositorycomoraclemavenoracle-ma 0oracle-maven-sync-12.1.3-0-0.jar): error in opening zip file. The…
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Connection to Oracle database without drivers or ODBC

Could someone help with VBA code that could help me to solve such issue. I need to have a macro, that would connect to Oracle database (and execute my script) and it would work for users, that don’t have any ODBC/JDBC installed on their machines (and of course, no drivers). I have already working with machines, where ODBC is installed…
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