Creating stored procedure in sql using the given date and emails

I am setting up job schedule for sending notifications using the email addresses present in my table where their active flag is set to true. This notification will be sent every 24 hours. In my table, I have this: Email ID Request ID Receiver Date Created Email Flag 1 2 9/10/2015 1 2 4 9/11/2015 1 3 5…
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MySQL Commands into .DBF Tables

I am currently writing a database system in Java that writes and reads to a MySQL database hosted on XAMPP. The system is fully up and running using MySQL commands to select, update, add, delete etc. The issue is that we are currently using an old database written in Visual FoxPro that has its tables stored as .DBF files. Rather…
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creating a follow user system

Here I made a another attempt to create a follow user system. I used a table follow_user which has fid as primary key set to Auto_increment and two more columns user_id for id of user to be followed and id_fk for id of user following. Follow/unfollow button works fine and data gets stored in db but problem is both id_fk…
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Few warnings [expects parameter]

I’ve been trying to display the number of rows using this code but it keep says 1 Rows which is wrong <?php $link = mysql_connect(“localhost”, “gamin1_forum”, “password123”); mysql_select_db(“gamin1_forumdb”, $link); $result = mysql_query(“SELECT COUNT(*) FROM smf_personal_messages”, $link); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); echo “$num_rows Rows”; ?> Rows are approximately 1443 but it kept saying 1 Source: mysql

Select from MySQL

I am populating a List in my application. In a different Activity I’m trying to get every “event” to display in a ListView. Therefore I set up a EditText where I enter a city e.g “Hamburg”. After the confirm button is clicked the list is supposed to show all the events in Hamburg. My question, I cannot figure out how…
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Using alias in query to get sum

I am using alias in another parameter to get cumulative sum but getting error. How to put alias in query. SET @total=0; SET @amountDue=0; SELECT cs.customer_name,l.paid_date, IF(@total=0,((pl.total_amount)- (pl.installment_amount_month)*( pl.total_installments)) ,( pl.installment_amount_month)) AS AmountDue ,@amountDue := @amountDue + AmountDue as ComulativeDue, l.amount AS AmountPaid, @total := @total +l.amount AS comulativePaid, (@total/@amountDue ) as percentage FROM payments_details l join payment_loan pl on…
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Update existing row mysql linq

I have html page with table. When I change field I need to re-save existing record in table. public int SaveTask(TimesheetListModel task, int userId) { var worklog = new tblWorkLog(); if (task != null) { worklog.AccountId = userId; worklog.WorkDate = task.Date; worklog.Note = task.Note; worklog.TaskTitle = task.Task; DataContext.tblWorkLogs.InsertOnSubmit(worklog); DataContext.SubmitChanges(ConflictMode.FailOnFirstConflict); } return worklog.WorkItemId; } This function saves data to table tblWorklogs…
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This is my sql query the problem is that when i run query without where clause it return desire result 540 or something rows in result set. but i am to filter result with date and my date store as string and with where clause it return empty result set — WHERE STR_TO_DATE(flm.lam_date,’%d/m%/%Y’) BETWEEN ‘2015/07/01’ AND ‘2015/08/31’ SELECT flm.lam_date AS…
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Updating Edited Value Using Jquery/PHP/Mysql

can some one help me out in updating edited value in mysql db using jquery/php. I have three buttons edit/save/cancel when i click on edit button span data pushed into input text and edit button replaced with save button!! my requirment is using jquery/ajax/php after clicking edit button the input text value i should be able to update into my…
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