debian lxc create error

I recently freshly installed Debian 8, and i want to create a linux contener based on wheezy. But when i launch the command: sudo lxc-create -n omvctr -t debian — -r wheezy -a amd64 i obtain this trace : Generation complete. update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing insserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (empty) of script `’ overrides LSB defaults (S)….
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Why not install perl EV?

I install perl EV on CentOS: wget tar xzf EV-4.18.tar.gz cd EV-4.18 perl Makefile.PL make install clean 4 step some strange errors in what could be the problem? I am trying to run dklab_realplexor: [root@domain dklab_realplexor]# cd /opt/dklab_realplexor/ [root@domain dklab_realplexor]# ./ Error: EV library is not found in your system: You must install EV, e.g.: # yum install…
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