Parse JSON data to Array to be able to save to database

I have a this JSON Data: [ { “name”: “Message”, “data”: [] }, { “name”: “ProductGrid”, “data”: { “title”: “Results for tea”, “count”: 244, “products”: [ { “id”: “2313”, “name”: “Clear Green Tea Bags”, “full_name”: “Lipton Clear Green Tea Bags”, “images”: [ “200.png” ], “brand”: { “id”: “18”, “name”: “Lipton”, “url”: “/lipton-b.php” }, “category”: { “id”: “86”, “name”: “Tea Bag”,…
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Use a custom Serializer causes ignore the @JsonView

I created my own Module at the ObjectMapper to inject some fields to certain objects at the json result, it works properly but the Views restrictions are ignored. @Controller public class TestController { @RequestMapping(“/publicUser”) @ResponseBody @JsonView(View.Public.class) public User getPublic() { // use the custom serializer return getUser(); } //{id:1, userName:”name”, email:…, details:.., newField:”new value”} @RequestMapping(“/publicUser2”) @ResponseBody @JsonView(View.Public.class) public User2 getPublic2()…
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Jstree Open specific branch on load

I’m having trouble finding a way to open a specific JS tree branch on load. My current tree is loaded through Ajax and thus shows only the top level, all other branches are loaded via Ajax when expanded. What I want is if the user loads the page at a certain place in the tree then I want the tree…
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Cascading list using custom directive of Angular JS while using json as input

I am trying to implement a custom directive using angular js’s custom directive but first drop-down goes unselected and it gives me error saying “Error: 10 $digest() iteration reached. Aborting! Watcher fired in the last 5 iterations: index.html goes here – <!doctype html> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <html> <head> <title>Adnan Try</title> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”../js/1.0.7/angular.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”cascading.js”></script> </head> <body> <div ng-app=”cascading”> <div…
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Parse json data to view as an image in chrome extension

I have images as json data. “imageCollection”: { “imageUrl”:”https://xxx/xxx/img.jpg?t=5657565″, }, I used this approach to pasrse json data to html but for image I am missing something. Any suggestion? I want to view the link as an image in my popup window. document.getElementById(“host”).innerHTML= jsonData.imageCollection.logo; Source: json

Convert String to Socket

I saved sockets in a Json object but when i readed the socket, cannot use it because is a String value, this is the code: String socket1 =nombre.getAsJsonObject().get(“socket”).getAsString(); I can convert that String value to Socket? Please Help me, thanks Source: json

Large MongoDB Import – Exceeding 4096 character limit

I have a large JSON file (around 20,000 lines) which I need to import to mongoDB. I’ve imported a similar dataset before but that did not break mongo’s 4096 character limit in the shell. I’ve tried running: db.machines.insert([DATA HERE]); – but this breaks the character limit I’ve also tried running: mongoimport –collection machines –file data.json However this only imports ONE…
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spark dataframe transform JSON to ORC meet "column ambigous exception"

I am using spark data frame, read JSON data, then save it to orc. the code is very simple: DataFrame json = sqlContext.read().json(input); json.write().format(“orc”).save(output); Exception in thread “main” org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Reference ‘Canonical_URL’ is ambiguous, could be: Canonical_URL#960, Canonical_URL#1010.; the job failed. what’s wrong with this? Thanks. Source: json