Arrange months under year php and mysql

I have been grinding my gears on this one. See my previous question on the same topic. It seems as this is a tough one to solve. But, i found this thread, and it seems as Derek Adair has managed to make a json out of the same problem. My question is: How can i from this query SELECT MONTHNAME(date)…
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Twitch API to Show List of Streamers

So what I’m trying to do here is create a page to display a list of specific users and use the api to pull information to create links and point it to an embedded iframe. <?php /* The channels */ $channels = array(‘everadiolive’, ‘djyumene’, ‘mrblades’, “themittanidotcom”, “daopa”) ; /* The part that does stuff */ $callAPI = implode(“,”,$channels); $arrContextOptions=array( “ssl”=>array(…
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Django: JSON response for AJAX pulling

I have strange error, try to solve it in different ways. In general — i got response 200 and success status but data in empty, even when i browse data by url. One of code examples: Django View: def api_recent_news(request): news = News.objects.all()[:2] r = [model_to_dict(v) for v in news] return JsonResponse(r, safe=False) This was i have nice JSON in…
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vb.net 2010 read json url and populate datagridview

I am a complete newbie to .net scene. I have some experience in php but absolutely none in vb.net 2010. Below is my code that I am trying to read and populate a datagridview. Imports System.Net Imports System.IO Imports Newtonsoft.Json Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim request As…
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Android Json Parsing data and display

Hi i am trying parse this json can any help me to display the fields field_employee_name,field_employee_id,field_date_of_birth. here is the json {“vid”:”35″,”uid”:”42″,”title”:”SampleAppPage”,”log”:””,”status”:”1″,”comment”:”1″,”promote”:”0″,”sticky”:”0″,”nid”:”35″,”type”:”emloyee”,”language”:”und”,”created”:”1444212362″,”changed”:”1444212362″,”tnid”:”0″,”translate”:”0″,”revision_timestamp”:”1444212362″,”revision_uid”:”42″,”field_employee_name”:{“und”:[{“value”:”abhijith”,”format”:null,”safe_value”:”abhijith”}]},”field_employee_id”:{“und”:[{“value”:”1″,”format”:null,”safe_value”:”1″}]},”field_date_of_birth”:{“und”:[{“value”:”20-04-1989″,”format”:null,”safe_value”:”20-04-1989″}]},”rdf_mapping”:{“rdftype”:[“sioc:Item”,”foaf:Document”],”title”:{“predicates”:[“dc:title”]},”created”:{“predicates”:[“dc:date”,”dc:created”],”datatype”:”xsd:dateTime”,”callback”:”date_iso8601″},”changed”:{“predicates”:[“dc:modified”],”datatype”:”xsd:dateTime”,”callback”:”date_iso8601″},”body”:{“predicates”:[“content:encoded”]},”uid”:{“predicates”:[“sioc:has_creator”],”type”:”rel”},”name”:{“predicates”:[“foaf:name”]},”comment_count”:{“predicates”:[“sioc:num_replies”],”datatype”:”xsd:integer”},”last_activity”:{“predicates”:[“sioc:last_activity_date”],”datatype”:”xsd:dateTime”,”callback”:”date_iso8601″}},”cid”:”0″,”last_comment_timestamp”:”1444212362″,”last_comment_name”:null,”last_comment_uid”:”42″,”comment_count”:”0″,”name”:”abhijith”,”picture”:”0″,”data”:”a:1:{s:7:”contact”;i:1;}”,”path”:”http://testjsapk.thinkwebcomputing.com/sampleapppage”} Thank you. Source: json

filter json string data

My Json string : [ { “attributes” : { “type” : “Contact”, “url” : “/services/data/v34.0/sobjects/Contact/003N000000PIZkAIAX” }, “Id” : “003N000000PIZkAIAX”, “Name” : “Infosys Ltd.”, “Email” : “asenok09@mail.ru”, “AccountId” : “001N000000U5duZIAR”, “MailingStreet” : “Mahadevpura, Doddanekundi Village Krishnarajpuram Hobli,Bangalore East Taluk”, “MailingCity” : “bangalore”, “MailingPostalCode” : “560048”, “MailingState” : “Karnataka”, “MailingCountry” : “India”, “Location__Latitude__s” : 12.954614, “Location__Longitude__s” : 77.648959, “CurrencyIsoCode” : “CAD”, “Account”…
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ordered list; working with javascript and json

I’m a junior web developer and I want to understand what json file does, as I have no idea. So I am following a tutorial from lynda.com It seems very simple, I want to display the array elements within the variable info, but for some reason, it’s adding another count after each item of the array!!! I have checked and…
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Best method to update json file on server

This is my first post in here so hope you can help me 🙂 Im currently working on Hierarchical Edge Bundling ( http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/7607999 ) It’s loaded in a JSON file through javascript( d3.json(“readme-flare-importsFULL.json”, function(error, classes) {} ). I was wondering, whats the best method for me to make this dynamic so that anybody (even for someone who doesent know about…
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How to insert values from an array into select json keys

I have this array: [test, usera, test, userb, test, userc, test, userd] And this JSON: { “data”: [ { “email”: “testusera@abc.com”, “mobile”: “9881880455”, “panCardNo”: “ABCD014141”, “city”: “Mumbai” }, { “email”: “testusera@abc.com”, “mobile”: “9881880455”, “panCardNo”: “ABCD014141”, “city”: “Mumbai” } ] } I’m trying to add key-value pairs into existing objects i.e “lastname”:”value from array” for(var i=0; i<importedJson.data.length;i++) { for(var f=1;f<=arrFirstLast.length-1;f+2) {…
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