Get back my event on button after .remove() and .append() [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Event binding on dynamically created elements? 10 answers I have a click event on a checkbox button which I remove in my click event and I append it again with another value. My problem is the click event is not working anymore after the new append. <input class=”year” type=”checkbox” value=”2015″ /> 2015 <br>…
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How to fix the jquery ui bug?

I have a bug in my code, not really sure where its located but it seems to sterm from my jquery css library please check this image : i get a “syntax” error when i debug my application using fire bug and the error is directed at line 9 OF my jquery css library which is the following: but i’m…
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How to fold a paragraph and replace the rest of the content with ‘…’?

Well, I have content within a paragraph, maybe like this: <div style=”width:30px”> <p>12345678901234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzIlovePaulinaVega</p> </div> We all know that the content will be divided into many lines because of its parent’s width, but I just want to keep the top 2 lines, the rest is replaced with’…’. I am wondering how to accomplish it ?Tell me please. Source: jquery

Difference between simple ajax and :remote => true In Ruby on Rails

Actually I have two, three questions but the heart of three question is same as written in Title . But I make my all points clear here in description Following will be the specification of my question Javascript file path => assets/javascript/ js.erb file path => views/customers/index.js.erb view file name => views/customerS/html.erb controller name => customers action name => index…
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Processing responses on JQuery Ajax requests to return them

I’m in a bit of a problem, I have a function that sends an ajax request. I have seen the other questions regarding this topic, but it seems that the answers doesn’t solve my problem. function callXHR(params) { var req = $.post(params.url, params.data); // process for success req.success(function(response){ // response processing }); // this function needs to return the processed…
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How to automatically select the header checkbox in jqGrid?

version – jqGrid 4.6.0 I tried with following 3 ways: $(“#cb_” + this.id).prop(‘checked’, true); and $(“#cb_” + this.id).click(); and $(“#cb_” + this.id).attr(‘checked’, true); Header checkbox (select all) is not getting selected. (Scenario Explanation) Totally 2 pages in the grid…In page1, I am selecting the header, so all rows get selected and even header is selected..Now going to page 2 and…
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Slideshow with images and video

I’m looking for sample template or jQuery app with autoplay support on videos with transitions only on images and finished video. If video appears it should autoplay and when finished slide to next image image.jpg (pause transition 2 sec, next slide) video.mp4 (play video, after finish next slide) image.gif (pause transition 2 sec, next slide) video.mp4 (play video, after finish…
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Using jQuery in javascript class

function count(x,y) { this.x; this.y; this.plus = function() { return this.x + this.y; } this.checkResult = function() { $(“#test”).click(function() { this.plus(); //help here }); } } <p id=’test’></p> “this” return the element that’s clicked, so how to run method inside jQuery? Source: jquery

Jquery change location then scroll to element

When I am on the index.php and press the home button, it scroll down to the element. However, when I’m not on the index.php and press the same button, I want to change the URL location, then scroll to the element. This is how I tried: $(‘.home’).on(‘click’, function(event) { // If location is index.php do this: if (location.href.indexOf(“/index.php”) > -1…
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error in ajax response if condition error

I want to show error ie. Email already exists in database. If not show Thank you message. I’m using ajax and jquery for this. Here is my code: Ajax jquery: <script type=”text/javascript” > $(function() { var val_holder; $(“#subscribe”).click(function() { val_holder = 0; var subscribe_mail = jQuery.trim($(“#subscribe_mail”).val()); // email field var email_regex = /^[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}$/; if(subscribe_mail == “”) { $(“.error_message”).html(“This field is…
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