Detect if user "leaves" webpage

Before marking this question as duplicate READ THIS QUESTION I’m searching for a way that when a visiter leaves my webpage, he is redirected to another page. (He shouldn’t close the page) Some examples: I got the page open and I open another tab in my browser, then the person should be redirected to the other page, because he left…
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Stop working javascript syntax hightlighter in vs2013

After installing vs2015 stop working javascript syntax hightlighter in vs2013 and vs2015. I tried to reset environment settings, but got an error: Your settings were reset, but there were some errors. Error 1: Failed to export settings for ‘JavaScript Specific’ [code 7284] Error 2: An error occurred while importing settings for ‘JavaScript Specific’ [code 5455]. Source: javascript

Rails 4 weird behaviour of pop-up

In my CoffeeScript, I am POSTing data via $.ajax, in the success callback I am hide()ing the modal display in my HTML, and showing a new pop-up but it doesn’t show until I open the first modal again. How would this be caused? ready = -> modal = $(‘#contact_form’) thanks = $(‘#thanks’) modal.hide() thanks.hide() contact.on “click”, (event) -> event.preventDefault()…
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Getting Google map objects programatically

I am running a webpage which has Google map in it. So far everything works fine but google likes to play w/ developers because Google periodically change va method in Is there any method or function to detect method name when google change it. Regards Source: javascript

How can I update a trackEvent in popcorn webmaker?

How can I update a trackEvent in popcorn webmaker? I am sharing my code that is as follows:- _this.addTrackEvent(importTrackEvents[i]); importTrackEvents[i] is equals to:- track.js:158 Object {id: “0”, name: “TrackEvent0”, order: 0, snap: false, trackEvents: [0: {id: “0” name: “TrackEvent0” order: 0 snap: false trackEvents: Array[1]0: Objectid: “0”name: “TrackEvent0″order: 0popcornOptions: ObjectcontentType: “”denied: falseduration: 296end: 296fallback: “”from: 0height: 100hidden: falseid: “0”left: 0linkback:…
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jQuery fadein image on link hover

I’m trying to create a simple menu, where hovering over different elements fades in a different image over the menu. My best guest was to create a jQuery, but it does not seem to work. Here is the script: $(document).ready(function() { $(“#pau”).mouseover(function(){ $(“#paup”).show.fadeIn(600); $(“#pau”).mouseout(function(){ $(“#paup”).fadeOut(600); }); }); #pau div only defines the text part, over which an image should be…
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Chrome app – FileSystem Access

I’m creating a simple eBook reader as a chrome packaged app. So I want to download ePub files from a remote server and keep it in a private place and from there I’ll parse the ePub file. Is that possible? Which are the chrome APIs I need to use? Source: javascript

Abort ajax request in a promise

I’m building a form validation and to learn promises I decided to implement asynchronous validation functions using promise pattern: var validateAjax = function(value) { return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) { $.ajax(‘data.json’, {data: {value: value}}).success(function(data, status, xhr) { if (data.valid) { resolve(xhr) } else { reject(data.message) } }).error(function(xhr, textStatus) { reject(textStatus) }) }) } //… var validators = [validateAjax]; $(‘body’).delegate(‘.validate’, ‘keyup’, function()…
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