Get arguments from another component [React JS]

I’m creating a web-app using React. I’m facing a problem with my navbar and the main content. Let’s see the problem: In AppWrapper I have this: var contents = [ <Offers />, <Create />, <List /> ]; where each item will be the content displaying. In getInitialState I initialize it: getInitialState: function() { return { currentTab: 0 }; }, Later,…
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Printing HTML Attritbutes with jquery in a loop

i try to loop trough Objects in a Database ( and would like to print these results with attributes from Bootstrap. I’m a beginner and don’t understand why it’s not possible how i did it. i know there is .attr() but i don’t get it how i can use this in my example. This is my code: var Insider =…
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disable mutilple buttons on a single button click

i am fetching data in a table using ng-repeat in angularjs.the table contains id which i need to accept or reject. I want to disable other buttons ina row when one of the button is pressed.I am able to do it with tit using ng-disabled but the buttons of all rows are disabled..Can someone help..thankx here’s my code <tr ng-repeat=”result…
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Angular Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr] after merging js files to one file

I have created an angular application and the application is working fine if I am using the controllers.js, routes.js, directives.js etc seperately in index.html. But when I combine the js files into one js file using gulp-concat (In the same order in which I included the files in my HTML) then I am getting the error Angular Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr]…
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ExtJS 5 – setting transparent background on a button isn’t working in IE9

I have an ExtJS app where I’m using some toolbars with a background behind them so I’m making the toolbars and the buttons transparent. Some of my users are still stuck on IE9 (I know) and the buttons aren’t displaying correctly. See fiddle here for an example: fiddle In Chrome, or IE 10+, the toolbar button is transparent. It looks…
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Having trouble using ReactCSSTransitionGroup

I am trying to implement ReactCSSTransitionGroup and followed the example on the React website. I am using React 0.14-rc1 and for some reason the ReactCSSTransitionGroup component does not seem to have any affect. I am not even getting any errors on the console. my code: import React, { PropTypes } from ‘react’; import ReactDOM from ‘react-dom’; import classnames from ‘classnames’;…
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How to round corners of highlights in a PDF textfield

I managed to get the Background-Color of my texfield rounded by selecting borders, rounding them and then turning them off again. But when the field is highlighted (using app.runtimeHighlight = true;) in Adobe Reader there’s no rounding anymore. Is there a way to round the Highlights using Adobe Livecycle-Designer? Not Highlighted: Highlighted (no rounding): Source: javascript

Using AngularJS to generate PDF objects

I have an angular controller that fetches json from my server and dynamically shows them. The code is: <div ng-controller=”myImgController”> <div ng-repeat=”img in imgs”> <div ng-repeat=”i in img”> <img ng-src=”{{}}”/> </div> </div> </div> How can I replicate this in terms of dynamically generating markup to show pdfs within the browser. The current code is: <div ng-controller=”myNewPdfController”> <div ng-repeat=”pdf in pdfs”>…
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