Variable repeat error?

Why am I getting a compile-time error in the following code? private static void phi(int n){ if((n > 1000) for(int i = 3; i <= n; i += 2) //do something else for(int i = 35; i <= n; i += 90) //do something } The error says java:22: error: variable i is already defined in method phi(int) But according…
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What is the low level mechanism for switch statements? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How Switch case Statement Implemented or works internally? 3 answers I am interested in how switch statements in languages work and if there is any difference to using a string of if-else cases. Is there any difference in the underlying workings (with respect to Assembly code) of those or is it just to…
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Java API to write to excel Tables

I have tried looking at Apache POI and JXL. Is it possible to write to Excel objects such as an Excel table (Table name: Table1) like below: Is there a java based excel API that I can use to write to a table. Please note that the columns Sl#, Course# and DOB are specific data types. I have a pre-existing…
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