Internal Link (jump to link)

Is it possible to add an internal link (bookmark/jumpto) on a <button> <button class=”btn span3″ id=”save_progress” name=”save_progress” value=”1″>Save Changes</button> Source: html5

aria-labelledby and aria-hidden tags meaning

I am building a website using Bootstrap 3. I wanted to implement modals in my website. I made them with the help of the documentation. Now, I have this code, which makes the modal window: <div class=”modal fade” tabindex=”-1″ id=”myModal” role=”dialog” aria-labelledby=”myModalLabel” aria-hidden=”true”> And this code for the modal title: <h4 class=”modal-title” id=”myModalLabel”>Flexibilní mřížka</h4> Of course there are several more…
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HTML5 Notifications with Service Workers on Chrome Mobile not working

i am using HTML5 Desktop Notifications in my application. But i have a problem with Google Chrome Mobile. As far as i have read, i need to use Service Workers to create a new Notification on Chrome Mobile, because the browser is treating them differently (HTML5 Notification not working in Mobile Chrome). I tried to integrate the example (and some…
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ontimeupdate event gets fired forever in firefox

I have a strange issue with the timeupdate event that is only occurring on firefox. Basically, I have an element that I create inside of an angular directive; I bind a function to ontimeupdate, and that event gets fired nonstop even when the currentTime value is 0 Brief summary of the code: // angular directive controller function … DOMAudioObject =…
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Current usefulness of semantically correct HTML

I’m working on a new website, and I’m trying to decide how I want to balance the need for semantic correctness, with other important stuff, like development time. I know that semantics are supposed to be important for SEO, and accessibility for blind people. And those are important to me, and shouldn’t take too much extra time. So I’ll design…
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offset class not applied into a bootstrap 2 form

should be an easy one. Why does the offsetX class not work on the 2 last divs? <form class=”bs-docs-example” style=”padding-bottom: 15px;padding-top: 15px;”> <div class=”controls “> <input class=”span12″ type=”text” placeholder=”.span12″> </div> <div class=”controls controls-row “> <input class=”span4″ type=”text” placeholder=”.span4″> <input class=”span8″ type=”text” placeholder=”.span8″> </div> <div class=”controls controls-row “> <input class=”span9″ type=”text” placeholder=”.span9″> <input class=”span3″ type=”text” placeholder=”.span3″> </div> <div class=”controls controls-row “>…
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RegEx pattern work with JavaScript but not with html5 input

With help I findout two RegEx patterns: [a-zA-ZaĄćĆęĘóÓńŃśŚźŹżŻ]{3,}s*[a-zA-ZaĄćĆęĘóÓńŃśŚźŹżŻ]*sd+|d+s[a-zA-ZaĄćĆęĘóÓńŃśŚźŹżŻ]{3,}s*[a-zA-ZaĄćĆęĘóÓńŃśŚźŹżŻ]* p{L}{3,}s*p{L}*sd+|d+sp{L}{3,}s*p{L}* As you see they are work with js but when I want to use them in input pattern, an input is always invalid. How to make it works? Source: html5

Infinite Loop to JS driven text zoom animation

I have this code on a page which zooms in, zooms out and then restores the original text size. I want to know how to slow down and endlessly loop this animation. Below is the javascript – $(“.text1 h1 span”).animate({“zoom”: “1.2”, “-ms-zoom”: “1.2”, “top”:”-5px”}, function(){ $(“.slide5 h1 span”).animate({“zoom”: “0.8”, “-ms-zoom”: “0.8”, “top”:”5px”}, function(){ $(“.slide5 h1 span”).animate({“zoom”: “1”, “-ms-zoom”: “1”, “top”:””});…
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Embed tag using $scope variable containing url

I want to insert external URL into views embed tag using Angular 1.3 controller’s scope variable. In controller I tried: $scope.printUrl = “”; $scope.printUrl = $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(“”); $scope.printUrl = $sce.trustAsUrl(“”); And in view: <embed width=”800px;” height=”450px;” ng-bind-html=”{{printUrl}}”> <embed width=”800px;” height=”450px;” src=”{{printUrl}}”> <embed width=”800px;” height=”450px;” ng-src=”{{printUrl}}”> Case with src works as i can see message: Cannot GET /%7B%7BprintUrl%7D%7D I read also on…
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Sizing video to be browser window background

The dimensions of my video are 1280 × 720. I was wondering if it is possible to stretch the video so that it will fit into the size of my browser or other browsers depending on an aspect ratio. I am using the video tag to place a video on the background of my page. I currently have the video playing in…
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