Redirections of URL

I wonder if anyone knows how to set up some redirection rules. I want to make a number of QR codes that will be printed on to products. The QR-code contains information (an url) that might not be activated/existing on the webpage, but i don’t want anyone to end up on a 404 page. Example. If I have a URL…
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Apache directory issue which redirects request to index.php

I have a joomla website. In my public_html where Joomla is installed, I have a directory named “logs-list”. When I go to the address http://example.com/logs-list/file.txt, I expect the file to be shown, but instead APACHE redirects to index.php, it assumes as if this is a request for Joomla. This has confused me. What should I do? Source: .htaccess

nginx rewrite url not working

I’m trying to add a new location to my nginx configuration. I set up ngix accorting to this webpage. Now I think the most important line for me in the config file is this one: include /usr/local/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*; So it includes all config files that are inside the sites-enabled folder. For now I have a default and a default-ssl config file….
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Problems redirecting a URL within a URL using htaccess

This might look like a strange issue, but due to a href mistake on one of my pages (which is now fixed) Google Webmaster Tools is telling me I have thousands of broken URLs looking like this: http://www.website.com/folder/http://www.website.com/folder/article/subject/content.php?id=12345 It should look like this: http://www.website.com/folder/article/subject/content.php?id=12345 I want to redirect them to the correct location, to satisfy my Webmaster Tools error list….
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Redirect old wordpress site pages to new html site urls using .htaccess

I had a website ‘asianeyehospital.com’, which was in wordpress initially but i had to move it to php. Now my site is in php. The problem now is, i tried redirecting urls, for ex:-http://www.asianeyehospital.com/about-kankaria-eye-hospital/, to my new url using Redirect 301 in .htaccess file. Suppose my old page is /about-kankaria-eye-hospital/, i redirect it as, Redirect 301 /about-kankaria-eye-hospital/ http://www.asianeyehospital.com/about-kankaria-eye-hospital.php, but it…
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htaccess for Symfony2 in subdirectory

I have symfony2 in a subdirectory on my dev server website. I can’t change the webroot of the site to be Symfony’s web dir because there is a huge amount of the site on the live server that isn’t on Symfony that needs to be in the webroot. I have two of my own bundles that generate pages. I’d like…
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htaccess Change Static to Dynamic

Morning, I’m not a competent developer. Please can someone assist converting a static URL to dynamic in the htaccess file please. From: http://www.reactivlife.com/?def34a To: http://www.reactivlife.co.uk/making-a-will-reactiv/?tracking=def34a Here’s where I got to and now a bit stuck. Thanks T. Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^reactivlife.com$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.reactivlife.com$ RewriteRule ^(.*) “http://www.reactivlife.co.uk/making-a-will-reactiv/” [R=301,L] Source: .htaccess

php mvc url manipulation

im trying to build my mvc framework and im encountering some problems regarding url. i have setup my .htaccess file and i can retrieve the url and explode it to an array. My problem is when i start clicking links on my page, my framework keeps adding them to the url and i end up with a long url that…
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How to forward all subdirectory to index

I was having many sub directories which is fetched by google, I want to forward Permanently if the request from any directory it has to forward to main domain. Like:: From: www.domain.com/help/software/desktop/index.php To: www.domain.com Source: .htaccess

redirect root to subdirectory wont work apache

im learning about mod_rewrite and i have a problem with this redirection (i dont know why it wont work)… RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mydomain.net$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.mydomain.net$ RewriteRule ^/?$ test [L] Well, my test site is on www.mydomain.net/test , so when i visit www.mydomain.net or mydomain.net…i want the visitor to see the content of /test subdirectory as mydomain.net… i…
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