Why would the dynamic value won’t print in this form?

I’m trying to paste a dynamic value on a readonly input html form field. I have a script that calculates the total of the shopping cart and I’m trying to get the grand total appear in a readonly field so it can be sent with the rest of the form. Unfortunately, the grand total returns 0.0 when I use an…
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Firefox form field stealing focus when another field is clicked

I’m having an issue with a form in firefox with multiple text input fields. When I click on a second or third input, the first text input steals focus. This happens unless I highlight something in one of the other fields (in which case it retains focus). Has anyone ever run into this issue before? <div> <form action=”/forms/SaveResponse” id=”qansform”…
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What is wrong with the session variables

I have no idea whats wrong with the session variables in my code…Here is a snippet: file 1: display_test(); function display_test(){ if(isset($_SESSION[‘testing’][‘testing’])) echo $_SESSION[‘testing’][‘testing’]; echo “<br><br><br><form id=”current_juices_form” method=”post” action=”file2.php”> <input type=”submit” /> </form>”; } File 2(the file the above form is getting submitted too): testing(); function testing(){ unset($_SESSION); $_SESSION[‘testing’][‘testing’] = “<br>testing<br>”; header(“Location: file1.php”); } For some reason when redirecting back…
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PHP form fields to an array

The data is not being added $user = array(); $user =[‘First Name’] = $_POST[‘first’]; $user =[‘Last Name’] = $_POST[‘last’]; $user =[‘Username’] = $_POST[‘username’]; $user =[‘Password’] = $_POST[‘password’]; Source: forms

Form preview with jquery – theoretical solution

I’m looking for an idea to solve this. I have large form with multiple inputs, selects, tinymce editors and image uploads. Before submitting form i want to have all fields that have value (some can be empty) to be shown as preview, how form will look when submitted. It has to be styled totally differently as input form looks like…
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Refresh on submit behaving weirdly

I would expect that the below code would cause the page to refresh when I pressed submit but it does not appear to be doing so. Can anyone offer some thoughts on why it’s not refreshing when I click submit once but if I click it a few times it will refresh but more importantly I need to force the…
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Grails Form Submission Fails with Dynamic Fields using JQuery

I am using JQuery to show/hide divs that contain form fields. If a certain value from one drop down is selected, the div corresponding to the dependent form field is shown, otherwise it isn’t. Grails does not allow the form to be submitted unless the dependent form field is shown. Anyone experience something similar? If so, what work around did…
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