How to create a custom form action to a controller in admin html from Magento?

I have created a form in admin html, but its action not working properly, the action not coming to the controller. My config.xml file shown below <adminhtml> <menu> <customercare module=”customercare”> <title>Calls</title> <sort_order>100</sort_order> <children> <customercare module=”customercare”> <title>View Missed Calls</title> <sort_order>0</sort_order> <action>admin_customercare/adminhtml_missedcall</action> </customercare> <customercarecalllog module=”customercare”> <title>View Call Logs</title> <sort_order>1</sort_order> <action>admin_customercare/adminhtml_calllog</action> </customercarecalllog> </children> </customercare> <customer> <children> <customercarevirtualretialerrequest module=”customercare”> <title>Manage Virtaul Retailers</title> <sort_order>10</sort_order> <action>admin_customercare/adminhtml_virtualretialerrequest</action>…
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PHP form handler with jQuery script duplicating emails

I have a php function handling the results of a form delivered from a jQuery script, as the form content is also delivered to a Workbooks CRM url to be added to records there. All works fine, except the email is sent 3 times. The button clicked is not inside the form, and the ‘send’ value for isset($_POST)is delivered from…
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Django: TypeError when using max_decimal_places option of forms.DecimalField

I use Django version 1.8. I have a very simple form which I show below. It contains only a single field, a DecimalField. When I try to render any template in my whole project, I get TypeError at /whatever/ __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘max_decimal_places’ Here’s my complete file: from django import forms class BidForm(forms.Form): amount = forms.DecimalField(label=”Bid…
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How to open two page in one submit in html?

Hei, i want to ask about html. How to open 2 page in one click on form action ? I just try with two action but never work, here i use to make form: <form action = “” method = “get” target = “_blank”> That is i use to open google when submit, but how to open 2 site or…
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VBA and Macro issue

Hi all sorry to bother you with what seems to be an easy question but I cant find a way around it. I have a booking system(Plain drop down list feeding into vlookup fields) I want to be able to copy the information across and I can do this easily. The problem is that I want the sheet to allow…
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Could not load type ‘’

Hi, I am having Could not load type error when I release my code into live environment. If I remove the code Inherits=”CheckIEBrowser.Check” that gets rid of the error, it displays the page, but it doesn’t work as it should. Thanks in advance Source: forms

How to select a dynamically generated form element in jquery / javascript using its ID?

I am trying to create a row of 3 form fields dynamically when the user clicks on the ADD button / plus symbol . Javascript code used to create the form elements is below : <script type=”text/javascript”> var field_counter = 1; var field_limit = 5; species = document.getElementById(‘species’); breed = document.getElementById(‘breed’); function addInput(divName){ if (field_counter == field_limit) { alert(“You have…
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Symfony2 forms – structured data to flat entity

Is it possible to map by SF2 form for ex. this data [ ‘name’ => ‘XL’, ‘dimensions’ => [ ‘width’ => 50, ‘height’ => 20, ‘length’ => 20, ] ] to the entity Box[name, width, height, length] Something like: $builde->add(‘dimensions.width’, ‘text’, [ ‘property_path’ => ‘width’ ]) Thanks! Source: forms

how to get hidden value from specific form?

I tried to get element’s value from specific form. I have 100 forms because of FOREACH.. I can get Form name =1 form name =10 but I can’t get hidden values from the specific form. Can anyone help me? thanks. [% FOREACH k_bilgi IN k_bilgiler %] <form name='[% k_bilgi.i%]’> <input type=”hidden” name=”itemnumberi” value=”[% k_bilgi.itemnumber %]” /> <input type=”hidden” name=”returndate” value=”[%…
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