TestNG – Cannot find class in classpath

I am doing Java-Eclipse-TestNG and having trouble running tests using testng command line. I’ve multiple source folders and when the .class files are created they are going to /bin directory with the same folder structure as /src as shown below. I’ve set the classpath (using export CLASSPATH=…) to all the folders in /bin directory and tried to run “java org.testng.TestNG…
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How to create executable jar with standalone HSQLDB in Eclipse

I have a java project in Eclipse with the following structure: MyProjectFolder | ├─ src ├─ data ├─ lib In this project I’m using HSQLDB in standalone mode. The database files are stored in the data folder, and I’m accessing them by using this URL when making the connection: “jdbc:hsqldb:file:./data/” + dbname Everything works fine when executing the project in…
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duplicate bundle in eclipse Mars Release (4.5.0)

I use eclipse which version is Mars Release (4.5.0) to develop RCP application . In product definition file, I designated javax.servlet 3.1.0 bundle. But after I export product, I found a file javax.servlet_3.0.0_2011xxxx.jar in product plugins directory. It puzzled me a lot. Then I browse the Eclipse directory structures, and two jars exist in eclipse/plugins directories: javax.servlet_3.0.0_2011xxxx.jar javax.servlet_3.1.0_2014xxxx.jar I’m confused…
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ListView setOnItemClickListener Does Not Trigger

click listener not working when I click an item. in this program first two arraylist updated using update(). then this list view are sent to other class to make list view. but clicking each item doesn’t toast anything. public class BlockActivity extends Activity { ListView lv; ArrayList<String> contactnumber= new ArrayList<String>(); ArrayList<String> contactname= new ArrayList<String>(); public static SQLiteDatabase database; SQLiteDatabase myDB=…
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SVN Checkout error

it’s many years I have an SVN repository that worked perfectly until last apache update (OpenSUSE + apache + subversion). When I checkout the folder ‘.settings’, that contains many .files, I get this error: ‘path not found’ (TortoiseSVN client) Since this files are not important I could delete them (eclipse project related, I can re-create), but when I try to…
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Android AVD Pixelated Display Issue

I’m facing an issue with the Android Virtual Device Emulator on Windows. Whenever I launch an AVD, the AVD is highly pixelated. The AVD / Emulator display were perfect before I updated to the latest SDKs. Environment: Eclipse: ver. 4.2.1 Android SDK Tools: ver. 24.3.4 Android SDK Platform Tools: ver. 23.0.1 Here are the settings ( for an AVD and…
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Process of install the Junit library in Eclipse

Good morning guys, what I am considering about is to build a standard process of installing a library in a java project in eclipse. I am a niewbie software developer so a prior sorry if this question is a bit stupid. All what I want to do is to use the junit library. I have followed these septs. I installed…
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Eclipse RCP browser load local html

In a RCP application development, I’m trying using a browser(org.eclipse.swt.browser.Browser) component to load local html file bundled in a plug-in. The plug-in project file structure is like below: project-name +-/src +-/html +/META-INF … In code, I use the below code to load html file: String html = “/html/index.html”; URL url = FileLocator.find(Activator.getDefault().getBundle(), new Path(html), null); url = FileLocator.toFileURL(url); browser.setUrl(url.toString()); This…
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Prevent test classes to be visible in source in eclipse

Assume a typical maven project in eclipse src/{main,test}/{java,resources}. Now being in a class in src/main/java I can see and compile against classes from src/test/java – what of course is wrong and not desired. A second problem is, that having the same class in a src/test/java as in src/main/java results in a resource duplication error, although this compiles fine (and on…
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Multi dex eclipse android

when i tried to run it shows error as below,can anyone tell me how to configure multidex in eclipse Dx trouble writing output: Too many field references: 83958; max is 65536. You may try using –multi-dex option. References by package: 2 582 83374 Source: eclipse