Linking JavaScript Code to HTML using IDE Eclipse

I just finished Rock Paper Scissors exercise on codecademy and wanted to try save it on my Eclipse. The code was perfectly fine coded and it runs smoothly on the codecademy page. I then just simply copy everything and and have created .js workspace on Eclipse and paste it there. My question is, how do I run/play it on eclipse?…
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Change GTK3 tooltip color only for Eclipse

I am running Eclipse Mars on Ubuntu 15.04. I have seen instructions to change GTK3 tooltip fg/bg color at system-wide level. My question is how can I change the GTK3 tooltip fg/bg color only for Eclipse without affecting other applications. (GTK3 and CSS are not my fields of expertise so I really need some help here) Source: eclipse

Reverse engineering JPA entities from database schema in intellij not generating foreign keys

The sql for the database is available here In IntelliJ, I added JPA facet, and no matter which provider I use, the foreign keys constraints of my ‘students’ table are not being generated, hence I end up with the entity without any FK constraints and relationships. Also I was no able to find how to implement Serializable interface in…
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null pointer exception in findviewbyid

I call this method from a BroadcastReceiver class. this class “manageDatabase” is in other class. I call it in this way : CallAndSms.manageDatabase(sender, text, “sms”, context, rootView); but It turn me null pointer exception for line: CallAndSms.manageDatabase(sender, text, “sms”, context, rootView); why? i call it with a view from BroadcastReceiver. public static void manageDatabase(String number, String text, String option, Context…
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C console output hidden while awaiting input

Hi I’m trying some C coding on Eclipse, and I had a problem: I am trying to print some text, however, while awaiting input from the user, the text actually fails to appear until AFTER the user has input. Here is an example of what I mean: TEST #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void){ char c[5]; printf(“testn”); //PRINTING ‘test’ BEFORE…
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java api and its metrics calculation

if any one know, plz share, the procedure of caculating of Lines of code(LOC), WMC, CBO,LOCM and other metrics as well as McCabe cyclomatic and dependency metrics of hereunder package “AWT” of Java SE 8. Used Tool: Elipsc Luna(4.4.2) and Eclipse metrics plugin version 1.3.6 Experimental open source software: package “awt” of Java SE v.8 source code Source: eclipse

How to use eclipse(cdt) with visual c++ 2015?

I just install visual studio 2015, but I find it is not easy to build tiny projects. So I want to use eclipse 4.5(cdt) with vc++ 2015 The cdt version is 8.7. I assumble the include path and link library manually, but the project is still fail to build. 17:52:23 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project hw ****…
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JAX-WS & Eclipse using JAX-RPC 1.1

I’m new to Web Services and JAX-WS. I am making a new web service project using eclipse. I chose JAX over Spring because it is better integrated into eclipse, auto generation. I have annotated a @WebListener for a startup script. a @WebService and some @WebMethod. When I try to create a web service from the right click menu and go…
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