Windows Server 2003 clr.dll library in framework v.4.0

For more days on my Windows Server 2003 with ASP NET Framework 4.0 ( in a few months change on Windows Server 2008 ASP NET Framework 4.5 ) when run application asp net I have this error exception unknown software: Using the software DebugDiag 1.1 (x86) it seems that the problem is a framework library clr.dll On the thread 27…
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TPageControl content does not update in DLL

I have DLLs that export TFrame subclasses to EXE maim program in C++ Builder 2009. There is a TPageControl object in TFrame subclass. When TFrame subclass is loaded to EXE main program and displayed in TForm, no matter I change the tab of the TPageControl object in TFrame subclass, the content of the TPageControl remains the same, but active tab…
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Load a com DLL in c#

I want to load a COM dll dynamically in c# console application. Till now I have tried the following code: // load exe with args as EXE DllName classNameTobeLoaded try { // load assembly Assembly Dll = Assembly.LoadFile(@”C:My_DirTestComDll.dll”); // get the type names foreach(Type t in Dll.GetExportedTypes()) { dynamic vClassLoaded = Activator.CreateInstance(t,”Test”); Console.WriteLine(“Type Loaded”); } Console.WriteLine(“DLL is loaded”); } catch…
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How can I block a function in a DLL from exporting?

I want to export just one function from a DLL: extern “C” int __stdcall DoSomething(int &inputSize, int &outputSize); it exports great with a nice name. But all other functions from this DLL also exports- except with ugly names. Can I block them from exporting? I use this tool to see what is exported: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/dll_export_viewer.html Source: dll

Run two versions of the same unmanaged dll (referenced by C#-app)

Background I have two softwares, written in C#, using the same third-party dll to get telephony-capabilities. Problem When I deploy a new version of one of these softwares, I also deploy a new version of the dll. This one overwrites the references to the older dll, causing my other software to stop working, since the new dll isn’t backwards compatible….
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sharing values between multiple apps using dll

I have a C++ DLL which i want to send from one program to multiple programs requesting for values using a char as their identifier. This DLL Code share double values between two running app, but whenever i add another program to it, it either return same double values to the old and new app or just jargons mixing, now…
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Replace #ifdefs in C# DLL

I have a C++ DLL which has #defines used like (these defines are automatically defined based on the build configuration, e.g. Debug, Release, etc) #if defined(CONSTANT) .. // Some code #else // Some other code I need same functionality in C# dll. Is it ok if I define some global constants in C# dll and use them instead of defines?…
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Copy a config file from referenced dll

I have a two projects: main.exe and ref.dll. ref.dll also has two config files: ref.Settings.Debug.config and ref.Settings.Release.config. I want to copy right config file to output directory, but if I use postbuild copy command it just copies it into dll output debug/release folder, but doesn’t affect depended projects. I tried to add fictive config file to project with Copy always…
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MFC app and shared libs

I have a application which seems has written in MFC (process hacker and DependencyWalker show link to MFC90). Also, There is a library(FTD2XX) in the installation path. But the DependencyWalker won’t show the MFC90 link for the lib and show: SetupAPI.dll KERNEL32.dll USER32.dll ADVAPI32.dll In what framework the lib is built? I don’t have experience in MFC. I don’t have…
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