Why can’t I get string input?

I was trying to simulate stack concept, and this is my code, blasts errors everywhere, from the very first scanf, to everywhere referring char* variables, and eventually the stack pointer (I named it towerIndicator) doesn’t change at all. And then every typed input is somehow screwed: if I type ‘+314’ to add 314 to the stack, it eventually add 3144,…
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Least cost algorithm

A string consisting of digits (0-9) is given and an integer query is given. We need to make sure that any of the digits in the string (0-9) is repeated >= query times. This is done by replacing individual digits in the string with another digit, and the cost of the operation is the difference between the replaced digit and…
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forking server for handing many clients C

I have a problem with my server, i run it, and using fork, but only one client can work, the rest run but not work, i try many way to resolve, but no done http://codepad.org/1Y9e4Pri client code http://codepad.org/ODjKuKpZ server code Source: c#

What can a pointer do that a variable can’t do?

I’m learning about pointers and been told this: “The purpose of pointers is to allow you to manually, directly access a block of memory.” Say i have int var = 5;. Can’t i use the variable ‘var’ to access the block of memory where the value 5 is stored, since i can change the value of the variable whenever i…
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How to enforce garbage collector to call finalize method first, before cleaning up reference of unused objects

I have a scenario which uses a C library using JNA: I have override the finalize method where I send the call to delete the object that is created through C. My code looks somewhat like this: protected void finalize() throws Throwable { if (LicensingAPIHelper.instance == null) throw new NullPointerException(“LicensingAPIHelper is not initialized”); LicensingAPIHelper.instance.sntl_licensing_app_context_delete(nativeAppContext.getValue()); } sntl_licensing_app_context_delete is the API, which…
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Write Function in C

The Question is: Write a function which takes a sorted list and groups equal values into a group(a list) and therefore returns a list of lists example: group([1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5]) == [ [1, 1, 1,], [2, 2], [3], [4, 4, 4], [5] ] & what i did is #include<stdio.h> void group(int a[]); int…
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Prompt error message if user choose 1 before 2 in a menu in C

I have a code written in C where I need the user to choose between 4 different choices in a menu. My code looks like this: while(t!=0) { printf(“——————-MENU—————————n”); printf(“1. Randomize array.n”); printf(“2. Sort array in ascending order.n”); printf(“3. Print min- and max value.n”); printf(“4. Search for a number in the array.n”); scanf(“%d”,&t); switch(t) { case 1: randomize(array); print(array); break;…
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Bit field memory management in C

To understand the bit field memory storage, I have created the test program below. #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a; typedef struct { int b7 : 1; int b6 : 1; int b5 : 1; int b4 : 1; int b3 : 1; int b2 : 1; int b1 : 1; int b0 : 1; } byte; byte ab0…
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Making a connect 4 game in C

Hi all so for a small project we need to make a connect four game, our project is broken up into several parts with each week we are assigned a different part to work on. This week we have to make up the work on the columns by this I mean we have to use a function is called get_column,…
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OpenGL use in a headless embedded linux platform

In our project we want to use the GPU of a Freescale iMX6Q ARM processor to render an image and then write over a gstreamer pipeline to a VNC server. The sequence is as follows: Initialize OpenGL For each frame of the video stream: Render Image with OpenGL ES to a texture using a Framebuffer and a Renderbuffer Read Image…
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