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ERROR util.Shell – Failed to locate the winutils binary in the hadoop binary path in Windows 10

Can anyone please help me how to configure nutch in eclipse. I tried all the tutorial available in the wiki .(http://wiki.apache.org/nutch/Nutch2Tutorial, and many others as I am not able to paste all the links here). But everytime I am getting a NullPointerException. Is there any other tutorial available for the same. But in My hadoop.log I found this message ERROR…
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PDO failing silently on execute() [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: PDO Statement Returns FALSE 1 answer This question is different than the suggested duplicate because I am both checking for errors and not getting any return value. I’m testing a simple web app locally with apache and mysql. When I try to execute any SQL command with PDO, it fails silently. I’ve turned…
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Using .htaccess to redirect all requests to subdomain

I’m hosting a Laravel application on my server and have set up a subdomain to host it in my virtual host. I have another subdomain on my server and after hours of playing around trying to set up an .htaccess file, I came up with the below which redirects all requests to www.mysite.net/example to my subdomain example.mysite.net (e.g www.mysite.net/example/12345 goes…
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Gitlab: Although used Omnibus installation, I get “You appear to have cloned an empty repository.”

I installed gitlab a few months ago, and it was working fine. I didn’t push or pull anything for a while, and suddenly when I recently pulled through https, I get empty repositories with the warning: warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository. I wanna point out that pulling with ssh works fine. I saw many people complaining…
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How to sort the results in AJAX Solr?

Does anyone know how to sort the results in AJAX Solr with the structure form the reuters tutorial? There’s a problem with the schema.xml, because Solr says that our results are multiValued, but we’ve indexed it with multiValued=”false”; Would be nice if someone had the same problem and could help us how to fix it. Greets Source: apache

Restart apache by php without give permission to to user apache

I want to restart Apache when I change configuration file on a web application which is I need to create a php file for restarting Apache but I dont want to give a permission to user apache in /etc/sudoers I read this article Can PHP restart Apache? but I really don’t understand Can someone explain intensively to me ? Don’t…
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Invalid argument: apr_proc_mutex_lock

I have received these error suddenly in my server . this cause the webserver stop working . [Sun Sep 27 06:00:01 2015] [emerg] (43)Identifier removed: apr_proc_mutex_lock failed. Attempting to shutdown process gracefully. [Sun Sep 27 06:00:01 2015] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument: apr_proc_mutex_unlock failed. Attempting to shutdown process gracefully. [Sun Sep 27 06:00:02 2015] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument: apr_proc_mutex_lock failed. Attempting to shutdown…
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How to use latest PHP with Apache

I am using Yosemite and I want to configure Apache to use latest PHP (5.6). I have installed it through Homebrew but phpinfo says Apache still uses 5.5. How can I fix that? I googled but I didn’t find nothing that helps me. Source: apache

Apache configuration redirect from one url to another

I have a website www.example.com that is not going to work anymore and is actually being substitute with another website www.new-name.com. Now, I want to ensure that users that go to www.new-name.com are redirected to the new domain. I have several URLs in particular for which users might have bookmarked them. They correspond more or less to the same url…
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How to debug slow webpages?

I have created a monitoring script for detecting my slow webpages. It loads my important webpages and finds out a predefined element on bottom of every page, if it doesn’t detect that element within 15 sec on a particular page, it triggers an alert. With the help of these alerts, I get to know that 2-3% times a particular page…
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