How to get context in JUnit4

I have a class: public class Unit { private int id; private String unit; private String dimension; private Float factor; private Context ctx; public Unit(Context context){ this.ctx = context; } public Unit(String unit, String dimension, Float factor, Context context) { super(); this.ctx = context; setUnit(unit); setDimension(dimension); setFactor(factor); } public void setDimension(String d) { String[] dimensions = ctx.getResources().getStringArray(R.array.dimensions_array); if(!Arrays.asList(dimensions).contains(d)){ throw new…
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Call finish from onPause or onStop when the user destroys the app

Coclusion: onDestroy() is not always being invoked. Here is the case: After Launching the app, the MainActivity is created which starts background tracking service. On the other hand, the user can use a checkbox list in the main activity to select his interested routes where the items of the checkbox list represents the routes. After clicking the submit button, the…
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how to avoid EventBus Exception (Android)?

I”m working on existing application and they are using EventBus that get every network exception like this : public void onEvent(final NetworkErrorEvent event) { runOnUiThread(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { Log.e(“EventBus Event” + “(IOException)”); if (event.getType() == NetworkError.Timeout) { L.e(“timeout”); } else if (event.getType() == NetworkError.Disconnected) { L.e(“disconnected”); } else if (event.getType() == NetworkError.UnknownHost) { L.e(“UnknownHost”); } showConnectionErrorDialog(event.getType(),…
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Refresh the display of an activity when it is visible again

I have two activities ( and, on which one fragment ( is a radio group with four buttons to select a language of translation. The parent of GrammarActivity is TextActivity. I can select the language I want either on TextActivity or GrammarActivity. And I can change it on whichever ativity I am as well. But if I select a…
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Android mp3 player with listview

I want to display all the mp3 files from Devices internal memory as well as from ExtSD Card using ListView. How i can i display this, can any one give me complete working code for Java And XML files. Source: android

How to remove shadow from dialog? android

I am using AppCompatDialog to build dialog interface. My goal is remove shadow around dialog view when it shows? here is example of code: private void showWrongLoginPassDialog(String message){ AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this); builder.setTitle(getString(R.string.ad_login_error_title)); builder.setMessage(message); builder.setPositiveButton(getString(R.string.ad_login_error_positive), new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) { dialog.cancel(); } });; } Source: android

How do I customize timepicker to only show/set hours 1-12 without (am/pm and minutes) API 19 and disable Listeners

i want to use a TimePicker to show the position of a medical phenomenon in context to the human body. Example: Person A has a wound on his right foot at 7 o’clock. (For picture of right foot inner side) For this I want to use a TimePicker that uses the clock display and only enable hours from 1-12 and…
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