can’t access my VPS running wamp 2.2 apache

I have a vps and I installed wamp server on it and configured www folder as the root(by default it is the root folder)
everything seem to work fine on the server (the localhost page opens with no problems)
I want to access the www folder form the internet through my browser by typing my vps’s ip address.
I used to accomplish this task by just installing wamp on the vps but now, since I changed my vps service, it doesn’t work anymore.
when I type my vps’s ip address into the browser, nothing happens and then after a while it gives me a connection_time_out_error.
I configured the config file as followes :

<Directory yourdir>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

and :

ServerName {My vps's IP}:80

but still, the server doesn’t respond at all while it used to give me and index of files located in www folder.

what do you suggest I do?

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