Cannot sync Chrome bookmarks across PC and MAC & Windows laptops

This has been infuriating. I’ve tried countless searches and attempts and have gotten mixed results, while all are failures. There are also countless other people asking the same question yet are literally no sufficient answers.

Problems that arise are:

  • PC has different set of bookmarks than both laptops, none are syncing, even though I’m logged into Chrome on all three.
  • Bookmark a page on PC, it doesn’t show up on MAC or Windows Laptop.
  • Cleaning up PC bookmarks (my main ‘puter) and following Googles advice: Sign in > Settings > Advanced Sync Settings > Sync Everything. Doesn’t help. As soon as I log into laptop and sync, all old bookmarks come back to the PC, and laptop now has dupe bookmarks.
  • Cleaned PC bookmarks again (5th or 6th time so far), exported to Dropbox, then had Windows laptop import, got the laptop to sync somehow.
  • But then tried it with the Mac and then PC and Windows laptop had all old bookmarks from Mac loaded again, so it’s all a mess now.
  • Here, Google sees the problem: But “disconnect your account, then sign into Chrome again. If you see any further issues,” but doesn’t seem to offer much help.
  • I tried logging out of chrome on my laptops, clearing out my bookmarks bar, then cleaning up my PC bookmarks, syncing, then logging back into Chrome with my Windows laptop (hoping that since I’m starting from bedrock) thinking that it “should” load the same damn bookmarks form my PC, but it doesn’t. Both laptop and PC have corrupted bookmarks now.
  • Under my Chrome Sync page I can have anywhere from 1,700 – 3,000+ bookmarks, I’m assuming half are dupes now.
  • Tried uninstalling Chrome on Windows laptop, it won’t let me, says a Chrome browser window is open, which, of course, it is not.

No idea. Am all out of tricks.

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