Can other people hear (and spy on) you through your Iphone?

I work in sales and have little knowledge of computers. In the privacy of my house I said some nasty things about my boss (I said them out load and did not write them). I was logged into personal email on my phone, in which she and I normally interact. Now she is treating my completely differently. Is it possible she somehow heard me? I was logged into personal email on a personal iphone in the privacy of my house, the iphone was on and connected to the internet. However, we frequently exchange emails on the account I was logged into.

–If you are connected to the internet, and logged into your email, can other people (your email recipients, and other people who you commonly email) hear you? Can they spy on you?

–Can colleagues (who you email frequently) or bosses hear you? And spy on you through your iPhone (which naturally has a voice recorder)?

–Can they watch you through the camera on your iphone?

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