Bullseye Code Coverage for Qt

Hey I am facing an issue regarding bullseye code coverage with Qt.
In my .pro file I am adding the following:

QMAKE_CC           = ""C:/Program Files (x86)/BullseyeCoverage/bin/cl""
QMAKE_CXX          = $$QMAKE_CC
QMAKE_LINK         = ""C:/Program Files (x86)/BullseyeCoverage/bin/link""

Then Performing below commands:
Run qmake

It is not generating test.cov(coverage) file anywhere in the system.I have added Bullseye path in the system environment path variable. Also, in Bullseye application,I have enabled the option for GNU C/C++ and also clicked on the Coverage Build option in tools.Please help.

Source: c++

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