Braintree Dropin UI, how to detect Card Type?

I am using Braintree Dropin UI, I need to find out the Card Type like AMEX, VISA, etc.

I am using JS + .NET. This is my Payment request code:

var request = new TransactionRequest
                    Amount = Math.Round(amount, 2),
                    PaymentMethodNonce = nonce,
                    MerchantAccountId = merchantAccount,
                    Options = new TransactionOptionsRequest
                        SubmitForSettlement = true

Actually, I need to use specific merchantAcount for some specific card type.

Is there any way to get PaymentMethod using this request or nonce from client or clientToken.

I can see the PaymentMethod token in Braintree vault.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Source: .net

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