brace initialization for specialized vector template

I have this 3D vector template

template <class TYPE, class VEC> 
class Vec3TYPE{
    struct{ TYPE x,y,z; };
    struct{ TYPE a,b,c; };
    TYPE array[3];
inline void set( const VEC& a ){ x=a.x; z=a.y; z=a.z; };
inline void add( const VEC& a ){ x+=a.x; z+=a.y; z+=a.z; };
// + some other methods .... doesn't matter

specialized for double float and int

class Vec3i : public Vec3TYPE< int,    Vec3i > {  };
class Vec3f : public Vec3TYPE< float,  Vec3f > {  };
class Vec3d : public Vec3TYPE< double, Vec3d > {  };

I would like to do following things:

Initialize array of Vec3d by braces, like this:

Vec3f myVec3fs[2] = { {1.0f,2.0f,3.0f}, {3.0f,2.0f,1.0f} };

pass {1.0f,2.0f,3.0f} to a function as an argument of type Vec3f, like this:

float someFunc( const Vec3f& a );
float result = someFunc( {1.0f,2.0f,3.0f} );

Vec3d myVec3f;
myVec3f.set( {3.0f,2.0f,1.0f} );
myVec3f.add( {1.0f,2.0f,3.0f} );

Before i generalized my Vec3 class using templates ( i.e. when I defined Vec3d from scratch ), it was working just fine (at least with C++11 standard ).

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