Bower: invalid option: –allow-root

I’m having this issue on ubuntu 14.04LTS:

When I do rake bower:install:dev I get:

Error: EACCES, permission denied
‘home/MyName/.config/configstore/bower-github.yml’ You don’t have access to this

When I do sudo rake bower:install:dev I get:

bower ESUDO Cannot be run with sudo

Additional error details: Since bower is a user command, there is no
need to execute it with superuser permissions. If you’re having
permission errors when using bower without sudo, please spend a few
minutes learning more about how your system should work and make any
necessary repairs.

You can however run a command with sudo using –allow-root option

When I do sudo rake bower:install:dev --allow-root I get:

invalid option: –allow-root

How do I solve this issue?

Source: ubuntu

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