Boolean loop combined with JOptionPane Java

I would love to share my code. But in my university the code gets tested for “cheating”.

But here is my code in simplier form.

    public static String readin(){
    boolean error=false;
    do{ string stringin;
    stringin=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"Please enter a number");
    switch (stringin.length()){
    case 0: JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Error Please repeat");

    case 1: return stringin;
    } return null;
    }while (error==true);

This Code is really in it’s simpliest form. I know that for this case it would be smarter to set the while to JOptionPane is empty or something. Since in my code are like 12 different error cases. I want to use the boolean. Please: the return null will never occur in the real code.

But the real problem I have: It works perfectly fine besides: if he repeats the loop he doesn’t give me the chance to type a new stringin in.
How can i do this?

Also I am sorry for my faults in english.

Source: java

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