Blocking a JSP called by a JSP

I don’t really have an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Java, so please bear with me.

Anyhow, we have this Online Terminal (contained under Liferay) which is being used by our clients. We do not own the Terminal itself, it’s being maintained by our vendor.

We’ve used two iframes for a specific (let’s call it login.jsp) file which acts as the login section of the Terminal itself. The reason we did that was because, by default, this login.jsp always opens up another tab upon entering the username and password correctly.

Here’s a snippet, of what I believe, is the main function:

voFrm.action="/somefolder/anotherJSP?md=1&t="+ dtNow.getTime() +"&actPath=somefolder/Terminal.jsp&isSec=Y&from_path=somefolder&acts=";

Now, every time we’ve entered the credentials correctly, a new (another.jsp) file comes up which contains the redirection URL.

Since we have two Login.jsp on different pages, what we want to do is change the behavior of the first Login.jsp (located at the index page) that it redirects to the other page where the Login.jsp is contained under 2 frames.

As far as our access goes, we can’t do much modification over these JSPs as these are being maintained by the Vendor.

Is there a way for us to either intercept or block the this using the HTML of the Pages on where the Login.jsp is contained?

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