Best way to store golang map[string]interface into data store

Scenario: I am having a arbitrary JSON size ranging from 300 KB – 6.5 MB read from MongoDB. Since it is very much arbitrary/dynamic data I cannot have struct type defined in golang, So I am using map[sting]interface{} type. And string of JSON data is parsed by using encoding/json‘s Unmarshal method. Some what similar to what is mentioned in Generic JSON with interface{}.

Issue: But the problem is its taking more time (around 30ms to 180ms) to parse the string json into map[string]interface{}. (Comparing to php parsing json using json_encode/decode / igbinary/ msgpack)

Question: Is there any way to pre-process it and store in cache?

I mean parse string into map[string]interface{} and serialize it and store to some cache, then when we retrieve it should not take much time to unserialization and proceed with execution.

Note: I am Newbie for the golang any suggestion are highly appriciated. Thanks

Updates: Serialization using Gob, binary built-in package & Msgpack implementation for Golang package are already tried. No luck, No improvement in the time to unserialization.

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