Applying a Progress Control function in a Dialog Box in Visual C++

I am trying to add a progress control on a dialog box in Visual c++ environnement

Ater adding this tool the following code added to main.cpp :

void CPanoramicsampleDlg::OnNMCustomdrawProgress1(NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult){

I’m going to press one button for loading an image and then send results to dialog box.
I can show procedure of loading in a Text control as follow:

sprintf_s(pack1,"Loading dataset %d%%",eventParam1);

so in this way I can see loading process as %d in a text window but I don’t know how to show loading procedure by progress control and how and where to define range or even progress bar handle for this progress control so on.
finally I would like to know is there any function for progress control for example:


Source: c++

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