apply css to first table

See this example: When you see fiddle first strach result window. otherwise you want see what i want.

My problem is that I crate table and apply css all working fine but
now i want to apply border-left: 1px dotted; to only first table.

<div class='openDiv hide'>
    <table id="addPropertyValue1"></table>
    <table id="addPropertyValue2"></table>
    <table id="addPropertyValue3"></table>
    <table id="addPropertyValue4"></table>
    <table id="addPropertyValue5"></table>

I tried with first-child .but not working

.openDiv :first-child{
        border-left: 1px dotted;

Note : dont apply css on id directly like

.openDiv #addPropertyValue1{
    border-left: 1px dotted;

want pure css solution will help me I don’t want jquery or javascript to apply dynamic class on table

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