Apparently iOS Simulator is completely inaccurate, are there any other options?

After doing a ton of working perfecting my styling for mobile using the iOS Simulator that comes with xCode I noticed that the Chrome was showing a very different layout for the same device (iPhone 6).

I then ran my website locally from my real iphone and the code turned about to also be different, but did not match either of the simulators interpretations:

Most of the content was off the page, and the scrolling did not work at all.

How can this be? I understand that these simulators aren’t perfect but shouldn’t apple be able to make one thats at least half decent for their own product? Font weight doesn’t even seem to register with the iOS simulator!

Anyways to recap…

Could the chrome simulator be very different just because its running chrome instead of safari on its “iphone”?

Does no one else experience these ridiculous differences between the iOS simulator and the actual device?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better test environment? I tried browserstack but it seems to be to just be running the same iOS simulator on a virtual machine.

i realize that there is no substitute for the real thing, but my “business” is no where near the point where I can afford to buy 50 phones to test everything

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