Apache URL rewriteCond – conditional redirection

I need a such an redirection please help
I had a such website istapp.com/abc.web30/aaa/
If any direction that comes from such as example.com/asd/blog , rule should direct to istapp.com/abc.web30/aaa/asd/blog

If any CSS or image request that comes from example.com/boot.css
it should direct to enter code hereistapp.com/bootcss
I mean it should direct without abc.web30
I need an such conditional direction

RewriteRule /(.*)$ http://istapp.com/abc.web30/aaa/$1  [P,R=301,L] 

This can direct to main page and also comes from example.com but can not direct to for the CSS’s (http://istapp.com/bootcss) because there is additional “abc.web30/”

please help

Source: apache

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