Apache authentication prompt blocking mobile browser

I recently restricted access to my website with Apache BASIC Authentication.

Everything seemed great as long as i logged in with every prompt, but then i fired it up on a clean mobile browser, and decided i do not want to log in. Can’t do that though. Going ‘cancel’ just refreshes the website and instantly strikes again with prompt for login and password, so does using bad credentials. What’s worst, most browser open up on last visited page, so i have my browser stuck on login prompt unless i log in.

I had to try and super-quick hit the address bar, try to type a letter and hit return so it tries to google it, but that’s super annoying because the prompt loads quite fast.

I presume i could somehow system-clear the browser app or something like that, but that’s not the point. Having such “feature” on ones website is extremely bad user experience. I don’t want my users to fall in that prompt-loop, especially while the credentials are quite complicated, not personalized.

I have tried to find anything about that prompt problem, but can’t seem to find anything close to helpful.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Source: apache

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